At NJ Back Chiropractic Center, Dr. Jack A. Atzmon has helped hundreds of patients lose hundreds of combined pounds. He's confident that he can help anyone from Riverdale, NJ or surrounding communities achieve significant, long-lasting weight loss through the use of his doctor-supervised weight loss program called ChiroThin.

Weight Loss Q & A


What Is ChiroThin?

ChiroThin is a supplement used as part of a customized weight loss program supervised by Dr. Atzmon. ChiroThin helps jumpstart your fat loss while maintaining your all-important lean body mass.

Created by ChiroNutraceutical, ChiroThin is rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and cell salts that boost your metabolism and trigger your body to use stored body fat as fuel. When used alongside a low-calorie diet full of low-glycemic and anti-inflammatory foods, ChiroThin accelerates fat loss without the loss of muscle tissue. The supplement prevents your body from entering "starvation mode"--a state in which your body actually wants to hang on to body fat because it thinks it may be facing a period of famine.


As A Low-Calorie Weight Loss Program, Will ChiroThin Make Me Feel Hungry All The Time?

By restricting the amount of calories you're taking in, your body won't as readily replenish the fat cells being used for fuel. So, in the first week or two, it's completely normal to feel hungry before your body adjusts to the new diet. But as your body becomes more efficient at mobilizing fat for fuel, you'll begin feeling high amounts of energy and a reduced appetite in general.


How Much Weight Can I Expect To Lose?

Dr. Atzmon has helped some patients lose 20-30 lbs or more in as little as 40-60 days while using ChiroThin. You'll be supervised you throughout your entire weight loss journey with this program. When you've reached your goal weight, Dr. Atzmon will help you adjust your diet accordingly so that your body reaches a new hormonal "set point" in order to prevent weight regain.


Is ChiroThin Right For Me?

Dr. Atzmon can help you determine your weight loss goals and figure out if this doctor-supervised program is a good fit for your current health. For instance, if you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or nursing, or if you are an athlete who requires a lot of physical exercise, then ChiroThin is not the best choice for you right now.

Fortunately, the program does not interfere with medications, and most people experience significant, long-lasting weight loss. If you're wondering if ChiroThin is right for you, call the office today to request a consultation with Dr. Atzmon.

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