Chiropractor Dr. Jack A. Atzmon is an avid runner and a huge proponent of exercise. That said, he understands that participating in sports can sometimes lead to injury. At the NJ Back Chiropractic Center, located in Riverdale, NJ, people of all fitness levels have found the help they need to get back in the gym or the game as soon as possible.

Sports Injuries Q & A


What Are The Most Common CrossFit And Sports-Related Injuries?

Anyone may be at risk for injury if they choose to participate in exercise of any kind, whether it's CrossFit, running, basketball, or something else. Of course, Dr. Atzmon believes that's a risk worth taking, especially when you consider the enormous negative impacts that sedentary behavior has your health!

Here are a few things that may increase your risk of injury during a physical activity:

  • Poor technique
  • Insufficient training (trying to do too much too soon and not having the prerequisite strength and flexibility needed for the task)
  • Inadequate rest and recovery period (over-training)
  • Ill-fitting or improper equipment

Certain activities, especially contact sports, can add another element of risk to injury, such as whiplash or post-concussive syndrome (both of which can cause TMJ dysfunction and headaches). Other common sports-related injuries include rotator cuff injury, muscle strain, ligament sprain, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, back pain, herniated disc, and sciatica.


How Does Chiropractic Care Treat & Prevent Sports-Related Injuries?

Dr. Atzmon has helped everyone from elite level athletes to folks just starting out on their weight loss and fitness journeys recover from a sports-injury. Typically, he'll first he provide spinal adjustments to realign your spine and maximize the central nervous system function, which is critical for injury recovery. He'll likely offer soft tissue mobilization and therapeutic modalities including electrical stimulation and ultrasound to decrease swelling and inflammation, reduce pain, and promote tissue healing. He may prescribe corrective exercises to increase the strength and flexibility of key muscles in your shoulders, trunk, hips, and other areas.

Finally, Dr. Atzmon can help you prevent recurring or chronic problems by thoroughly evaluating your sports-specific movement patterns to address holes in your technique and body mechanics.

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